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Love the post!ep 0He knows what they want him to know.There’s a scene in the pilot script that sheds some light on this.When E Corp discovers they’ve had a dDos attack, Tyrell and Colby meet to discuss what to do…INT. EVIL CORP HEADQUARTERS – 3AM FRIDAY NIGHT SATURDAY MORNINGTerry Colby walks in full rage, flanked by his team of engineers and Tyrell Wellick.COLBY:Why do we have to shut down the whole network? Who’s on this?TYRELL:We have AllSafe heading to our main server farm in Virginia.COLBY:AllSafe? Aren’t they here?TYRELL:We’re flying one of their engineers out on the company jet.COLBY:Too much time. Just have one of our guys out in Virginia do it–TYRELL:To be honest sir, I don’t trust them. Not with this.COLBY:And why is that?TYRELL:(pause) Gut instinct.So from ep 1. Tyrell wants Elliot at the Virginia server farm.ep 3Why is Tyrell so specifically motivated to be CTO?ep 7JOANNA: Now we know what she wants.Why does it really matter what Sharon Knowles wants? via /r/impresaria

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No text found via /r/MrRobot

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What if Price knew Elliot’s weakness from the beginning? We know Whiterose is in business with Price and we also know that she hacked Elliot. Ep. 08 Whiterose: “Every hacker has her fixation. You hack people, I hack time." I think Darlene involutarily gave Whiterose information on Elliot via Cisco. What if Price knew Elliot wanted to revenge his father death? Would it be a good reason to stick with Allsafe even if they suck at security? Ep. 01 Gideon: "Evil Corp is thinking about leaving us. And I don’t know if I can blame them."Elliot: "They could have called their other security teams. Mm. They called you."Gideon: "Well, somebody over there likes us, but Terry Colby, he’s getting the pressure. and he calls the shots." What if Price knew Elliot is in love with Angela? Ep. 04 Angela: "Yes, Elliot, I do. I do! I do!” [applause][music] Don’t you know your queen… Ep.10 Angela: “Why are you letting me be here? Why are you even talking to me right now? None of this makes any sense."Price: "Well, be that as it may, I… I find you refreshing. You’re young, bold, exactly what we need right now."Angela: "Come on."Price: "What?"Angela: "There has to be more to it than that." What if Colby was playing along with Price, knowing his sacrifice would only be temporary? Ep. 01 Colby: "Now that that’s taken care of, let’s pick it up where we left off."Elliot: "What happened to Angela? She knows more about what happened."Colby: "She’s not going to work out for us, not on this level. We need to stick to the more tech savvy here. Now, let’s get to the heart of this thing because I can’t sit here and look through a packet for the next 20 minutes. All right, just who did this? Is it that hard? Who did this?"Elliot (after switching the white folder with the blue one): "I found the configuration file of the rootkit with a pattern of IP addresses. Once you decrypt it, you’ll know where the hack came from." Doesn’t it look like Colby is playing Elliot? Isn’t he inducing Elliot to stick with fsociety plan? Go back to episode 01 and watch carefully that scene at Allsafe. One thing you learn watching Mr. Robot is that to own people you must know their vulnerabilities. Ep. 05 Tyrell: "Just wanted to know your weakness. Now I do. Revenge. How ordinary. Just like our waiter. But even extraordinary people, and I believe you are, are driven by human banalities. And unfortunately, we’re all human." Ep. 06 Joanna: "Now we know what she wants. To be wanted." And we know that even after being exposed for the hack and after testifying against Evil Corp, Colby is still in Price’s inner circle. Ep. 09 Angela: "You can’t be offering me a job there. You’re testifying against them."Colby: "So, you’ll find this out fairly soon, but in business, grudges aren’t really a thing." What mistake did Tyrell make? Ep. 09 Price: "There was a moment, Tyrell, a point in your recent past, a mistake, a compulsion, decision, something, that led you to this point right now. My only advice to you is… find that moment, understand it. It’s the only way to reconcile this… this failure with yourself." Was it that he had sex with Anwar (Price’s personal assistant) in order to hack his phone conversations with Price? Naw, man… Tyrell did something far more dangerous. When he was interim CTO he put in motion his plan to upgrade Evil Corp security protocol. That was a big no-no for Price. He had to find a new way to let the big hack happen. Ep. 08 Romero: "Yeah, those Airdream guys are so dumb. Who has all their thermostats phone home the same network? I’ll sync up all five locations so they heat at exactly the same rate." Were those Airdream guys really so dumb? Or was it all well orchestrated by Price in order to give access to fsociety? Ep. 10 Whiterose: "The infamous Emperor Nero played an instrument very similar to the one she’s playing, the lyre. Legend has it that he played it merrily as he watched Rome burn." Nero is Price. Legend has it that Nero gave fire to Rome so he could build his enormous palatial complex (the Domus Aurea) in the areas cleared by the fire. What bigger personal gain is Price looking for? More importantly, will he succeed? There is something Mr. Robot told Elliot which is still buzzing in my head: Ep. 02 Mr. Robot: "From what I heard, they’ve caught their hacker. Haven’t they?"Elliot: "No, they haven’t. Tyrell Wellick knows."Mr. Robot: "What they want him to know!" What they want him to know.Is it possible that Mr. Robot knows Price’s plan and Elliot doesn’t? Could Elliot have intentionally ereased part of his memory in order to become Mr.Robot’s puppet? What if Mr. Robot (Elliot’s alter ego) is maneuvering everybody: Elliot, Whiterose, Price? What’s his end game? I have much more to say but this post is already too long. What do you think about my theories? via /r/MrRobot

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-BLACK SCREEN- (Christian Slater’s voice.)-We are friends. Are we?Popcorn Buzzing.-Screen Comes in- (s01 e09 ending) We se Elliot and Tyrell.(camera fade to the popcorn) -than- (comes back to Tyrell’s scene.)Insted of Elliot now we see MR. Robot. He says get ready to go. Tyrell goes out. MR Robot comes to the popcorn taking out the weapon.MR ROBOT TITLE WRITTEN TO THIS SCENE | | We see a close up of the weapon taken out and popcorns falling out.The popcorn noise fade into door slams. And BAAAM we continou S01 E10.Tyrells opens the door.All this season we can just guess if Tyrell is alive or not and we will see lot of flashbacks with MR Robot instead of Elliot through the season about those 2 days. via /r/MrRobot

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Here’s a few thoughts I’ve been having about fsociety’s makeup. It’s actually very brilliantly and carefully constructed, and serves as a very nifty timeline for computer and internet technology and development, and how different people and groups are reflected in the social groups that acrete around each development stage.We have the older members: Romero and Mr. Robot (assuming and arguing he is at least a character with semantic importance in his presentation, regardless of how “real” he is), form the foundation of the group. Romero and Mr. Robot would have been among some of the earliest workers with what computer usage and internet technology looks like today. This would have been ben this kind of technology was highly specialized, highly technical, and really only used by government agencies or private corporations who had the money to spring for this kind of stuff.Romero mentions he’s been in the “game” for 27 years, which for argument’s sake I’m going to say is probably computer usage and hacking. This would have been 1988, and assuming he was probably 20-22 when he started, this puts him in his mid to late 40s. (Fwiw the pilot states him as being in his 50s, so it could have been later 20s as well.)At any rate, this was kind of the early years of IT, back before it really became even public technology. My guess is that Romero probably worked on some of the original DARPA project, and has stayed in the field ever since.Mr. Robot is in his 40s, and according to the pilot script looks like a dislocated Californian. My guess is that this is a reference to when the Silicon Valley was big back in the 90s and early 00’s, when Mr Robot would have been in his 20s himself. It’s also pretty telling that he’s the one who’s most vocal and articulate in fsociety about groundsourcing and equalization in the field. It was during the Silicon Valley boom, and the surrounding cultural awareness of computer and IT culture, that brought it away from the secretive clannishness of military and government projects, and into the homes of civilians. Mr Robot was most likely of that first generation to probably go to what are now known as some of the best tech schools in America, like Stanford and Caltech.Then we have the next generation, Mobely, described as being in his 30s. Anybody who grew up during the 90s ought to be cackling their asses off at Mobely’s visual presentation, because he is the quintessential comp sci major we all knew in college. The howling wolf t-shirt? The lanyard around his neck? Yes. Even still, Mobely also serves as the gap between the younger generation and the older generation– he’s the one who catches on with Elliot’s plan to warp analog data using digital hacking tools, when Elliot doesn’t have the correct terminology to describe his plan. Mobely is also the generation who started pushing and popularizing the use of crowd sourced internet– filesharing, webhosting, all of that.The next generation described are Elliot and Darlene, and suddenly we have abrupt and interesting diversity. Up until this point, the members have all been professional or social maladjusts and misfits with broaders society, all exclusively male. During Romero’s time as a techie, they were known as “eggheads”, and Mr Robot would have been in the field when “geek” was somewhere between descriptor and pejorative. At any rate, their involvement in technical and information data put them at odds with broader American culture, which was still during Romero’s time a major manufacturing power, and during Mr Robot’s time just emerging as a technical center.But with Darlene and Elliot, technical and information culture has become so mainstream that it has become accessible for all kinds of groups– especially those underrepresented in the field, such as underpriviledged youths like Elliot, and young women like Darlene. People began to be able to teach themselves all these skills, whereas it’s almost a given that the older members had professional or academic training in computer science.It’s also when technology and internet usage became a weapon as well as a tool. For the first time, there are severe and definable punishments for using the technology against insitutions. Elliot has been arrested for financial hacking at 27. Darlene is a malware coder who is certainly aware that she writes scripts that are very illegal. They are also the first group to make global links with other cultures and their internet and technology use, such as Darlene’s boyfriend Cisco who can fucking write in simplified Chinese and has made a solid contact in Dark Armies.Then we have Trenton, described at first as a male teenager, but in the pilot is clearly a young New Yorker of Near or Middle Eastern descent. She has impeccable English with no accent, so she’s definitely not a recent immigrant.There’s no reason to think she isn’t in her late teens, or possibly early 20s, but now we have another cultural shift in technology. Over the past decade, there has been a massive outsourcing of data and technical jobs to the Near and Middle East regions by American companies, and as a result have also attracted immigrant families to come live in the US and raise families. However, with American and Western involvement in general has created massive friction in the region, and has created a good many groups proficient in internet technology who also hate the West.But in general, taking a look at major STEM colleges, you’ll see many students from the Middle East, North Africa, India, and surrounding regions, and generally rival or outnumber the number of American students. Trenton is from this crowd. She’s the youngest generation of hackers, and she’s well aware of how technology is used where her extended family is from.So we’ve gone from the highly esoteric and specialized knowledge of military and government matters with Romero, to the globalized and multinational industry of Trenton. And it’s all captured perfectly in the makeup of fsociety. Pretty remarkable.ETA: There is fantastic discussion in the comments about more generation tech details that I encourage everyone to read. via /r/MrRobot

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Are you ready to join the revolution?

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Are you ready to join the revolution?

Are you ready to join the revolution?


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