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TV: David Duchovny – Good or not in The Pilot? December 17, 2018

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So I'm in the process of writing these super in depth analytical reviews of The X-Files and one thing I disagree with others on is how good David Duchovny is in The Pilot. I personally think that for the first half of the episode (basically until when Scully calls him out and tells him she's there for the truth), I think he's really weak. His voice is high pitched and his inflection and mannerisms are just off ("I'm not crazy Scully" comes off as whiny rather than solemn).

Once Mulder and Scully have that heated argument after seeing Peggy's marks, I feel like he improves immensely. He becomes less jokey and more serious for the rest of the episode which I think is a function of David Duchovny getting a grasp on the character.

Now one counter to this is that Mulder is acting bizarre for the first half because he doesn't trust Scully. While I buy that for the character, I think the oddness of his performance early is more on Duchovny. (And don't take this as a slight to DD…he is a phenomenal actor and really nails the character down by Ice).

What does everyone else think?

If you're interested in my review of the episode, please check out


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